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Tommy Tran

Owner, TDSGN | Art Director, TFM

Growing up as a city boy, I’ve always found myself soaking in the appreciation of culture, colors, sounds, shapes — all variations of the arts. Ultimately, those elements paved my way to becoming a graphic artist. I studied at The Art Institute where I’ve acquired my unsurpassed attention to design, detail, and creativity. Currently, I work at TFM, a Harrisburg-based ad agency who provides fully-integrated services from creative strategies to media buying [shameless plug] as a published and Philly Ad Club ADDY award-winning Art Director. I work closely with TFM’s creative team to bring concepts and visions to life, in print and digital, and am responsible for overseeing all design work that enters TFM’s creative department.

But there is no difference in the ethic I have for my clients at TDSGN. The separation value from myself and other artists are the qualities of mass communication/collaboration, over-deliverance, and unique approach to attaining the best outcome. 

Creativity in the arts isn’t always expressed on canvas, paper, or pixels. My creativity extends to the performing arts as well—expression through movement, music, and soul. Dancing has always been a passion of mine and, in a unique way, has correlated with my personal and professional life. It integrates all sorts of conceptual innovation when it comes to standing out—in both the fine and performing arts. My vision and artistic capability allow me to show the audience what I hear and think, ultimately resulting in having a connection with my work (dance/design/photography) creating a strong impact.


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